Order Made Cake

We are accepting orders for birthday cakes, wedding cakes and original cakes.
"Please book at least 5 days before the day you want a cake"
※Express – deadline is 3 days before
<Additional fee will be required (Optional parts prices will be 1.3 to 1.5 times the standard price)>

For booking, we accept orders at the store, over the phone (03-3373-8128) or from the order form below.
Please inquire with us about the design and booking.
I am so sorry but during the busy periods of the year, we will set the due date as required for bookings.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

・We would like to post completed illustrations on Twitter and Instagram to share our accomplishments so,
please let us know if this makes you uncomfortable.
・All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, plagiarism, redistribution and use for different purposes than
the original intended use, such as selling it for other people, are prohibited.
As soon as we find any such prohibited services, we will take appropriate action.
・We sometimes cannot accept your order because of your intended use.


About delivery

We will deliver the cake for 3,200 yen within the range of 10km. If it is over 10km, an additional fee will be
charged. (180 yen/1km)
Please call us (03-3373-8128) if you have any questions regarding any aforementioned details or the available
delivery area.

How To Order

How to order

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Please feel free to inquire with us about booking the product, confirmation, and anything else you are not sure about.
Please understand that it might take a while to reply. Thank you for understanding.